"The love for a particular city comes from the feelings that you have experienced there."
Marlene Dietrich

Modern Latvia is amongst the ten most environmentally friendly countries in the world. It is small, thus being particularly comfortable, with all the benefits of the EU member states, and it has its special chic that is not possessed by every European country. Calm climate with hot July and August, snowy December and soft mid-season. Three languages (Latvian, Russian, English), the largest Russian community in the Baltics, including a Russian theater and Russian media, and a friendly environment makes a comfortable communication possible.

Jurmala has been a national heritage destination for a long time, as well as the business card of the country - since the time when Russian officers started to settle and acquire summer residences here after the war in 1812 and when the local strawberries were taken to the tsar’s table, and Ķemeri healing waters and mud were valued by experts no less than those of Baden-Baden.

Jurmala's beaches with soft golden sand give the way to the blue of the bay, and a light breeze meeting the warm scent of pine trees creates its own incomparable atmosphere. For centuries Jurmala has been famous for its refreshing, mild climate and excellent spa resources for recovery of both physical health and emotional balance.

The musical competition "New Wave" breathed brightness and glamour in the summer social life and greatly influenced the development of the resort. City of holidays - bright and open - gives an unforgettable feeling of lightness. Changing with the times, Jurmala has carefully preserved the most important - a special charm of ‘the city on the coast’ and the high culture of hospitality, which continues to captivate its guests.