The apartment complex LEGEND. is located in a quiet and respectable area of Jurmala, its fully enclosed territory is guarded 24/7. Surveillance cameras have been installed along the perimeter of the territory, in the underground parking and the guest parking, as well as in the children’s playground. According to the contract with the security company, around-the-clock monitoring are carried out to prevent unauthorized entry into the territory. The mobile post of the security company is located 200 meters from the block. Access to the complex is regulated by means of individually programmable chip cards. Representatives of the service company, concierge, and, if desired, residents will have an alarm control for calling the security company. The apartments have intercoms. All apartments and public areas are equipped with state of the art fire safety system.

In the lavatory and kitchens, sensors that control the leakage of water have been installed. The water supply to the apartment will be blocked after a signal is received.

Every resident and visitor of the LEGEND. can feel completely safe here.