Technical description

During engineering, the standards of safety and comfort, including the requirements for sound insulation and heat and energy saving, applied in the project exceeded those of the European Union requirements by 1.3 times.

Technical description

LEGEND. is situated on a landscape area of 7 742 m² (area consists of two parts: 17 Bulduru Blvd. – 3 847 m², 19 Bulduru Blvd. – 3 895 m²).

A total of 60 apartments:

Villa Churchill (3 floors, 5 apartments), Villa Hepburn (4 floors, 27 apartments) and Villa Dietrich (4 floors, 26 apartments), two-storey villa of 164.2 m² and a building for commercial space of 476 m². In one of the buildings there is a spa complex (382.5 m²).

We offer apartments with a living area that vary from 58 to 262 m² with a possibility to combine them even in the later stages of construction. Each apartment has a balcony, terrace or individual land plot. Ceiling height in the apartments is at least three meters, in Villa Churchill – 3.65 to 3.85 m. The spacious lobby areas provide space for concierge and reception of guests.

The buildings are set with autonomous gas boilers; apartments have convectors installed in the floor with the ability to control the temperature. Houses are equipped with designer-made silent high-speed panoramic elevators. Secure underground parking, equipped with forced ventilation with CO2 sensors, is designed for 88 cars. The safety of occupants is provided by a round-the-clock security: security cameras, intercoms; the apartments are connected to the security firm’s alarm board; chip-card access, automatic gate opening with a remote control. On the south side of the territory there is a children’s playground.

The majority of the apartments are three- and four-room apartments ranging from 75 to 110 m² with two to three bedrooms; there is a possibility to combine the adjacent apartments. There are also a number of one-bedroom apartments up to 65 m² (not more than 10% of all apartments) - for combining or accommodation of, for example, children/parents in separate apartments.

Solar collectors heat the water in the spa complex. All of the technologies meet the world eco-standards, and the materials used are environmentally and human-friendly and have the appropriate certificates.